Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Birthday Party Preparations

It's supposed to be spring and in a few days we are supposed to be having a bbq/camping weekend for my birthday, but there is still time for the snow to thaw and actually working in the wood when it's like this is very enjoyable, its just a bit of a trek to get there at the moment with the deep snow stopping any car access.

Once you are passed the deep drifts it's a walk along the top edge of the wood where its quite exposed and cold.

But once you have made it into the wood, its really sheltered and occasionally the sun even comes out!

We rigged up the snow flattened tarp and set about on moving the large wood pile that was standing on one of the only flat parts to the wood where we want to set up the party table.

At least the abundant laurel makes half decent stakes.

Dad turned up and helped with the start of the table construction, my chainsaw mill is still on order and wont arrive in time, so there will be no planks and we are going to have to go for a more rustic approach.

And the highlight of the day was lunch! Warin was testing out our planned cooking method, we think we may have 20-30 guests so we needed a fairly simple solution that we can scale up. The 'swinging cake cooling rack' approach seemed to work really well, so we think 30 odd simultaneous sea bass should be doable. The cake racks are from the local bargain shop and the fish will prob come from Birmingham fish market (they don't catch them there). 

The end result as you can see below was absolutely delicious!

Well done Warin!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

seeing how fast I can add a new blog post using my new phone

I haven't been as good as I thought I would be at adding regular posts and this is one of the reasons I have purchased a nexus smartphone to see if it will speed up the process so I'm having a go at dictating the text straight into the phone and then switching to the camera to make a quick snap as follows

here you can see the area which we have been clearing has now expanded considerably. so this update took approximately 2 minutes to do and in general worked very wellbut I am having a bit of trouble with punctuation and may have to read up a little bit more on how to use the voice function stop full stopopen brackets see what I mean close brackets