Saturday, November 23, 2013

Autumn 2013 Wood Update.

Just a quick update, haven't posted in ages and it was my ambition to do more and keep a record of it here, so I failed a bit this year really. For one reason or another work took it out of me this year but it looks like we are ending on a high with this fantastic kickstarter project This success should also mean more wood time coming up and here's a few autumn photos to get things started.

Mum's finds of the day!

Bacon Sandwiches and Tea for lunch!

It was  real bumper crop of sweet chestnuts this year!

My planks for tree house construction are coming along well. I'm using a Granberg small log mill attachment on my Stihl 261 Chainsaw. 

Made some extra high swings for any visiting children (and adults) to play on.