Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Few Items I have Made Over the Summer

Another stool, I wanted to make a really chunky sturdy one, I plan to refine the design as I make more

Table and bench for my flat

In fact I am sat, using them right now writing this blog post!
Bow and arrow for my God Son (foam practice golf balls glued on the ends!)

The Clay Oven!

Here's a photo diary of its construction over the summer: (Many thanks to Ryan (in pics) who did most of the hard work!)

All of the clay and stones came from the woodland. Glass bottles are for extra insulation and we added some chicken wire into the clay layers for strength. Many thanks to this guide we found online and followed

A Few Nice Things I Spotted on my Summer Adventures

Just a post with some very Random things that were worthy of a quick snap over the Summer of 2014

Hand crafted gates in Minorca

Beautiful beech roots in a wood near Bath

Old steps used as part of a farm shop display, with a birch twig broom behind.

The green roof of the Vancouver Convention Center emerging from the sea mist.

Beautiful Canadian trees (Giant Cedars if I remember correctly)

A Working steam crane in Bristol

And to finish this very random post here are those same Beech roots in Autumn complete with an intrepid explorer.