Thursday, October 11, 2012

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to by Blog!

The reason I have started this blog is mainly that I feel that I'm not making the most out of my time. I tend to procrastinate and say no to trying new things due to laziness, and so I thought I would try and cram in as many new experiences as I can and make a record of it to hopefully inspire others. If it all goes to plan I will be look back and think, wow my 1000 months were well spent! (ok well maybe 600, I have spent the first 400 already getting to this point!)

As you may have guessed 1000 months is a good lifetime, you would live to 83 in fact, so it looks like I better do some work and posts on healthy living too.

I am a publisher, we make beautiful books as you can see here and the business is now at the stage where I have more free time and resources, I intent to cover some topics such as entrepreneurship and running a successful business.

Other topics I am keen to cover are making crafts, especially from wood, here's some rustic shelves I saw on a recent woodland management course that I would like to have a go at for example.

Talking of woodlands, I am purchasing 4 acres of English broad-leaf woodland very soon and I want to document the management and fun you can have with this as a woodland owner, especially as it really needs saving from a huge rhododendrum invasion!

Extreme sports! (and other not so extreme outdoor activities) I have a paragliding induction day paid for but not booked in (a great example of me just sitting around watching the days drift buy) so I will get on and cover that very soon. Also one of the latest sports I want to try is paddle boarding, earlier in the year I saw more and more people trying it in the Cornish waves, and hopefully I would be able to try and make my own wooden paddle too.

And finally I want to do some charity work, I am now a signed up member of Giving What We Can and I also want to spend some time doing some marketing for them using the knowledge I have learned building up my own business.

Well that's the plan, lets see if I stick to it.



  1. Hey Tom, long time! All looks really interesting. In terms of the charity work, I would also like to try and do something - most likely in India so give me a shout if that sounds like it could be of interest to you also.

    Also, my sister has recently completed a course in countryside management (or similar) and is looking for opportunities to get some experience - again give me shout if that is of interest.

    Hope you are doing well!

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