Friday, January 25, 2013

Snowy Visit

We have made some progress with the wood and started poisoning the laurel stumps as I mentioned before and our clearing is looking much better once they have been cut to ground level. I will post some more photos of this as soon as the weather is a bit better.

Talking of the weather, we have had a very cold spell here in the UK and so we have been burning all of the logs I brought back to keep our house warm. I wanted to go and cut some more out of a dead chestnut tree we felled but when I arrived there was much more snow than I expected! So much in fact that I just didn't know where to start so just took a few pictures and came back home. So here are the snaps from similar viewpoints to the ones in the last post just with tons more white stuff.

You can see our camp fire log seats we made too, they look a bit like they have cushions on them now.

The track is pretty blocked with weighted down branches.

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