Thursday, April 4, 2013

More Birthday Preparations!

Things are progressing nicely ready for Saturday, still plenty to sort out but myself and a band of helpers got lots done on Wednesday. I got to put my new Froe (gransfors bruks) to good use with the updated table design and split all the cross pieces before nailing them to the runners. 

Table coming along nicely in the snowy setting

A day later and its melting away and the table is nearly finished

A mysterious flag appears, later found out it was kindly delivered by my woodland neighbours, Mary, Peter and Kim!

Merry band of helpers putting up the big tarp.

The result so far!

Still just light enough to work at 7.45!

Even though the wood is now pretty much clear of snow you can see we have a problem below, the access track is a nightmare! My car had to be towed out (thanks again Peter, Mary and Kim). Hopefully a few of us will be able to clear this tricky section Friday morning ready for the guests to arrive. (So see you tomorrow guys and don't forget your shovels!)

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