Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 2014 Woodland Update!

So we have rigged up a new extra strong tarp after the storms got the better of the last one. With a new design too, which uses just ropes in a kind of criss cross way so hopefully the whole tarp moves and gives with the wind with no particular stress points.

You can also see my new woodworking bench, made from sycamore with chestnut planks. It is really solid, and has a heavy duty vice donated by a woodland neighbour (thanks Andy!) So getting set up with a better working area to start making more cool stuff!

Looks like we may have some mischievous kids around though, this large water butt was full and would have taken some serious pushing over! See all the bluebell shoots coming up though where the leaves were washed away by their mini tsunami.

Talking of flora and such, here were Mums finds of the day:
1. Colt's foot

2. Dog's Mercury

3. Scarlet Elf Cup Fungus

4.  Turkey tail bracket fungus

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