Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Spring in the Woods - 2014

Ok, I know it's a little late for a spring update but I'm playing catch-up and just wanted a record on my blog of some of the things that happened a few months ago.

3 out of the 4 nest boxes were full of blue tit chicks!

Blue bells keep getting better year on year, and you can see me starting green woodworking on my shave horse, more about this in the next crafts post.

Friends came camping and amongst many fun things we had a go at a clay oven, it was a lot of fun but not a huge success on the baking so far, going to embark upon Mk II very soon.

Finally here is a shot of Mum and Dad getting the fire going for me in the pouring rain. I am sat in the dry chopping vedge! About to embark upon a Polish canoe and wild camping trip and this was a trail run for my meal. More about this in the next post.

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