Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Canoeing and Wild Camping in Poland

What a trip! 7 days down the River Obra on Poland. Great weather for the most part, very friendly locals and wonderful food and wildlife, here are a few snaps.

Make shift chopping board, going to cook my vegetable and chorizo soup for the 8 hungry campers.

Next night, fresh fish!

A few pics showing just how idyllic this part of the World is.

 And of course the woods, not too dissimilar to the UK, but a little more diverse in both plants and  animals....apart from the human kind, definitely less of those around, between the towns you would rarely see anyone.


  1. That looks great Tom! Thanks for posting some updates, it's really nice to see what's happening and i look forward to seeing more wood crafts. Reminds me to try and get in a canoe too. That's exactly the kind of thing i want to be doing. Kayaks and all that locked in-ness just weren't for me!

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