Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Green Woodworking

One of the main reasons I bought a wood was to do green woodworking, I love making stuff and doing it in the middle of the wood just using hand tools is fantastic. I am hoping to progress to running courses one day too. Now at last I have had chance to get into it a little more and here's what I have made over the last couple of months.

The shave horse! Very important piece of kit, thanks very much to Harry Rodgers for this video giving the dimensions and advice for making one, mine is made mainly from sweet chestnut.

First stool, chestnut top, laurel legs and hazel for the er..other bits.

Simple chopping/serving boards. I do chainsaw these so not quite so green I am afraid. The walnut oil finish on the darker one is definitely preferable to the varnish.

Probably my 5th or so attempt at a spoon, this time using hazel, I do like this one and used a lot of reference  from other spoon carvers to get the form right.

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