Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 2014 Happenings

Managed to get in a bit more 'wood time' lately, and here's a quick summary of what's happening as summer kicks in.

Not in my wood but I just love these hungry caterpillars I snapped in my girlfriend's garden.

We have foxgloves now growing where we cleared the laurel 18 months ago.

Baby wood mouse hadn't quite cottoned on to the fact it's probably best to run and hide in the daytime.

Hoisting the first beam for tree-house construction.

Rigging up a second of the extra strong tarps, to work/eat under.

And a few new steps to finish. Will look good when they have grown in.


  1. Hi Tom, good to see you back on the blog again. Love the spoon and shave horse - right up my street! I'd still love to come over and visit your woods, if that's still ok? Maybe during the school holidays. Don't think your caterpillars are caterpillars, by the way, think they are saw fly larvae - I had them all over my silver birch trees.

  2. Hi Richard! Yes I imagine you are right, I haven't seen caterpillars behave quite like that before. You are very welcome to come over, would be great to meet up, school holidays would be fine, I get days off in the week now too and can meet you there. Cheers Tom